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How to choose a wallpaper?

Now that you have carefully chosen your belongings, you have everything you need to reach your dream home.

So, are you going to paint your house or a wallpaper?

Usually this detail is forgotten prior to home decoration. However, the choice of wallpaper and home paint is able to change the look of your home completely.

If you think ıp What color do I paint the house? Siz or look at the catalogs of the wallpaper and make sure you can find the clues that will make you decide.

What to Consider While Choosing Wallpaper?

You decided you would like to have a wallpaper to give your room a more mobile look.

First of all, you need to make sure your walls are smooth. The wallpaper cannot be fully adhered to rough and puffy walls, which prevents you from reaching the desired result.

How should I choose the wallpaper? The answer to the question consists of several items.

● If your room is small or does not light, you should prefer light and small patterned wallpapers.

● You can choose a wallpaper based on the main color you use in the decoration of your room. If you decide which color to choose, you should make sure that other colors available in the decoration are also included in the designs of the wallpaper. Thus, wallpaper and room decoration complement each other.

● Make sure that the serial numbers of the wallpaper you received are the same. The colors and patterns of wallpapers from different series may not match each other.

● Make sure that the wallpapers are appropriate to the wall size and that there is no deformation on them.

● Erasable wallpapers are more useful. For this reason, you can choose a wipeable wallpaper.

If you decide to paint your room, there are certain steps you should follow

● If your room is small or does not receive light, you should prefer light-colored wall paint. Your room looks much wider.

● Wall paints are rich in color. You should examine the catalogs thoroughly and choose the color you like.

● Choose a wall paint color that can match the main colors of the home decor. You can pick up the fabric of your sofa set to see the harmony of the colors.

● Cleanable wall paints prevent stains that may occur and allow you to use the same color for many years.